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Resources Course will give you:

  • A bridge that for connecting with loved ones of other generations

  • A starter for deep conversations about valuing life itself.

  • Proof that animation can communicate valuable lessons with humor

  • Insights from Ari and Joel, about their understandings.
    Joel's personal story of extreme challenge and strength.

  • 14 Video Lessons, each about an aspect of inner resources
    12 animated videos -- visual metaphors about inner strength

  • 12 PDFs of ThinkAbout Essays challenging you to think deeper
    13 pages of ThinkAbout Questions for grandparents and kids to discuss
    12 PDFs of ThinkAbout Activities and Games

  • Over 2 hours of video exploration into inner resources to watch over two weeks

  • The EXPLORERS CERTIFICATE of completion

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  • COMING IN THE NEAR FUTURE: Membership in an interactive community of fellow explorers


Recognize your inner resources

What Other Students Say...


Colin Kirts

"I think this is great! Most importantly, people need this. People need REAL tools for resilience. People need REAL and you are real, and that is GREAT!"

Idea Champions

Mitch Ditkoff -- Author of Storytelling for the Revolution and Storytelling at Work

"Hats off to Joel Metzger for creating Piece We Need – about one of the most important topics: how we can tap the inner strength we have, but all-too-rarely access. Piece We Need is a living, breathing example of the power and resilience of the human spirit and a great reminder about our extraordinary potential."

The Marriage Mediator

Max Rivers -- Author of Loving Conflict

“We all know we should make lemonade out of lemons. In this book by Joel Metzger [Piece We Need], we learn what to do when the whole damn lemon tree falls on us and we end up in a coma. The result is a delicious brew of wisdom, practical advice, and lighthearted fun.”

Fighting my challenges!

Eleanor Sopia

"When I face a lot of problems over and over again, I know that I need to build inner strength. Piece We Need helps me to fight my challenges. Now I know how to face up to challenges that come my way. When I use these tools, I'm a happy lady."

Talking Stories!

Louis Angles

"Talking Stories is a series of videos by Piece We Need. Each has a unique perspective and is filled with inspiration. These videos range from specific topics to random thoughts by Joel Metzger, and they are all really interesting."


Instructor -- Joel

--My twisty path ... I used to be a puppeteer ~~> Theater sets ~~> Carpentry ~~> Luxury cabinetmaking ~~> Hi-tech aircraft interiors.
--Then almost killed in a history-making car accident ~~> Computer programming ~~> Digital 3D modeling of theme parks ~~> Animated videos.
--On the way I started listening to Prem Rawat ~~> Learned about resources inside myself ~~> Decided to share the wisdom I discovered ~~> RESOURCES.

Instructor -- Ari

--Arianna founded a self-development and lifestyle services company to inspire from the inside out. She believes living an extraordinary life is possible through awareness and connection to the source within us. That is how she came to know inner strength as a means for overcoming challenges and staying true to her authentic self.
--Arianna is dedicated to living her light and loving her life, while guiding others on their own unique path to do the same. She is a creative strategist, writer, yoga teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker.


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